second adventure

Second Adventure: h2

The Uncommoners were contracted by Fald Stonehand of Halfsteel traders to find the Rolling Coins, an adventuring group who was investigating caravan attacks to the north. While on their way north, the group was ambushed by several humanoids in yellow robes who transported the PCs to an underground complex filled with traps and monsters. Notable, the Uncommoners prevailed over several Orc Battle-champions.

As they cleared the second floor of danger, one of the PCs was transported to safety by her God and replaced with Giott, the stoner dwarf who spent the entire adventure high.

On the third floor, Maybellor, a human mage, engaged the party. It was a difficult battle, and Savior of Chaos was knocked unconscious before the end. On Maybellor’s body was a letter which the PCs cleverly used to learn more about a secret society which few other people are aware of.

After finding a portal which transported the Uncommoners to a forest dell, they made their way back to Ranvig’s Field to report the probably death of the Rolling Coins to Fald Stonehand.



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