Third Session

Shortly after the PCs returned from their mission for Halfsteel traders, their tavern reveling was cut short by a small hobgoblin raid on the town. After an argument, the Uncommoners lured the hobgoblins away from a Red Sun warehouse and ambushed them. They were hired afterward by Sven Danca to eliminate the local hobgoblin threat.

Ten miles ENE of town, they found the hobgoblin fort, and razed half of it. There were three larger houses which the Uncommoners emptied of all life, before entering a tower.

There were some sort of magical creatures made of steel on the second floor (which attacked the PCs.) On the third floor was a mage with powerful lightning-based abilities. After his death, a lightning demon appeared on the altar and attacked the PCs.

Following this adventure, the PCs have completed two quests for Red Sun traders.



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