Quest (1): Ruined Keep


The players were hired by Sven Danca to clear out a nearby tribe of Goblins which was attacking caravans along the western trade route. The players left Ranvig’s field, heading West, when they were ambushed by a party of goblins. They followed the survivor to a ruined keep which was used as the base for the goblin attacks.

Savior of Chaos was nearly killed in a tremendous battle with defenders of the castle, but he recovered and all party members survived to face the chieftain, a hexer.

The party also discovered two hidden treasure chambers and the remains of the former Lord of the keep (name unknown) who died back when the keep was a border fortress for a previous nation.

The players returned safely to Ranvig’s Field, collected an increased reward from Sven Danca, and rose in power and fame.

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