The Nation of Mol’Dera is a small country with three cities in the vicinity of Ranvigs Field. It is composed primarily of humans and half-elves. Occasional members of all races may be encountered, but they are rare. Food is grown on vast farms to the West and South of Mol’Dera, the capital, and to the east of Mol’Fyr. Mol’Tam represents the seaport of Mol’Dera, and is the center of their “navy” (a fleet of about 10 warships/troop carriers.)

The standing army of Mol’Dera is about 5,000 infantry and 500 archers.

Mol’Dera, like all other nations in Uknn-Ywryn at the present time, does not mint coinage. Coins are valued based on weight and every merchant has a set of scales.

Mol’Dera, and its religious neighbor Tora, are located on the southern edge of the Auklhi Ring.


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