Ranvigs Field

Ranvig’s Field is the first main quest hub. It is a medium-sized town, although with the state of the world, ‘medium’ would be ‘small’ anywhere else. It owes its existence to being the nexus of two trade routes: and East-West route between two mostly human/half-elven empires, and a North-South route that runs from Dwarven/Halfling lands to the North to the East-West route, bringing Dwarven craftsmanship to human lands for a hefty sum.

Two trading organizations maintain branch offices and well-guarded warehouses in Ranvig’s Field: Red Sun trading, a mostly human organization with a large share of East-West trade, and Halfsteel Traders, a Dwarven/Halfling group with a monopoly on Dwarven goods.

While ostensibly part of Moldera, Ranvig’s Field is a semiautonomous city-state, with its reeve (Brinn Ironhair, human) a de facto ruler.

Ranvig’s Field is home to a temple with altars to Corellon and Moradin, as well as an anonymous altar for homage to other gods.

The importance of Ranvig’s Field to trading between Mol’Dera, Tora, and the unknown Dwarven nations cannot be understated, and is responsible for Ironhair’s ability to rule unmolested.

Red Sun Personnel:

Sven Danca, Trade Factor (controls Red Sun operations in Ranvig’s Field)

Halfsteel Personnel:

Feld Stonehand, Trade Factor (controls Halfsteel operations in Ranvig’s Field.)

Known Adventuring Groups:

The Rolling Coins

The Uncommoners

Ranvigs Field

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